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Sometimes I wish I had some sort of extension that tracked literally every word that I write. I’m super curious to know how many words were written in October. Because it feels like a lottt. I learned quite a few valuable lessons this month about not overbooking myself, creating more margin, and knowing how to […]


After a July and August of travel and community, it was a September of birthdays and getting down to business! I’ve never been someone who’s looked forward to fall, but this year I found myself craving cooler temps, and the all-around cozy feeling this time of year brings. Let’s recap!   >> Catch up on […]


In the blink of an eye, summer is (unofficially) over. I’m glad I’ve done these recaps the past 3 months because they’re proving to be a great source of reflection since I spend a lot of my day head down and planning ahead. Here goes…   >> Catch up on July’s recap here. <<   […]


With 3 full weeks of travel, July was certainly an atypical month. Much was different, and yet, a calculated number of things stayed on course.   >> Catch up on June’s recap here. <<   July 2019 The first bit of the month was at home in Virginia Beach, followed by a week in Northern […]


I had a feeling that when I decided to launch this “Monthly Recap” series, that I’d feel like the time in between them went by in a flash. And the end of May to end of June most certainly did… In case you missed last month’s recap (and the first of this series), check it […]


As entrepreneurs, I think we can all be so forward thinking at times that we don’t always pump the breaks, look in the rear view mirror, see how far we’ve come, and ensure we still like the direction we’re headed. So, I’m kicking off a new series – “The Monthly Recap” – to be published […]


Cue the confetti and the champagne pop…kvh. Creative is now Copy Uncorked! I am SO excited to share this new brand with you, and give you the full ‘behind the screens’ of the rebranding process, after what’s been months of raking through my business with a fine tooth comb. At times, I felt like I […]


I’ve always been big into personal development and believed in the power of goal-setting. Not to mention, there’s really nothing more satisfying than reflecting on your year and realizing you accomplished most of what you set out to do (even if you forgot to look back on your goals a few months in). I’m no […]


Today is the day – kvh. creative is LIVE! After about a month or so of dreaming, brainstorming, strategizing, future planning, customizing, designing, writing, and finally…LAUNCHING. As many of you already know, kvh. creative has been such a work in progress, a labor of love, and the ultimate DIY project for about the last year or […]

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