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The Copy Cru (like ‘crew’) is where modern brands & creative entrepreneurs come to grow their business through words in a fun but serious-about-results manner.

In French, the word cru has multiple meanings. For starters, it’s the infinitive form of the verb croître, which means to grow. 

Secondly, a cru is known as a vineyard or a group of vineyards - especially one of distinct quality. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “grand cru” (or great growth), which is a regional wine classification with terroirs where some of the best grapes in the world are grown and produced.

Crû can also be translated as raw. All three expressions of the word cru connect with aspects of the mission behind Copy Uncorked.

We’re passionate about building a space for conversation and collaboration where brands and creatives can come to learn strategies for growing their business in a way that’s comfortable, raw, and relaxed - like having a glass of wine at golden hour. 

Drinks aside, we know when it’s time to get down to business.

The Copy Cru is where you go for high-value content that yields growth to your bottom line.



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