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We were thrilled with the feedback and quickly began creating our first full course on website copywriting. The self-written sites that came out of that program (which ran for 3 cohorts) were amazing. We then rounded out our previous suite of education with a sister course on brand voice & messaging, followed by resources on creating a client experience, sales pages, launching, and more.

While we could have left it all up in its current condition, growth and refinement are cornerstones of Copy Uncorked. So in review of our education, we saw opportunities for greater cohesion, new video recordings, updated template copy, expanded products, and ongoing support. We couldn't unsee these exciting opportunities so we made the bold decision to pull everything down as of late November 2022.  


hree years ago we launched the first Copy Uncorked digital product — a 7-part, pre-written email welcome series.

We are now in the process of putting said ideas and the brand new vision for CU Edu into motion. We're doing so with great care and dedication and with the goal of teaching you how to articulate your brand in a way that only you can—and that leaves you feeling next-level proud to call your business, yours.

Knowing how to write your own copy is an immensely valuable skill that will pay back dividends to your business overtime. You'll not only save thousands by not having to hire out for every little thing, but great copy is ultimately what draws in clients & customers...and keeps them coming back for more. 

We encourage you to sign up below and we'll continue to update you as progress is made and we approach our 2023 release. This has become a passion project and we truly can't wait to get it all in your hands in due time.


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Not sure where to start or what’s missing? Uncork the essential brand copywriting elements for your business, complete with examples so you never feel stuck or bottled up with your message!

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