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On the menu? persuasive copy that's Poured up to sound like you, cement your reader's interest, and achieve maximum conversions. 

You’re JUST ABOUT ready to Promote YOUR course or sell that killer new PROGRAM.


Did you know that most long-form sales pages average between 3,000 to 4,000 words, with some of the highest converting coming in around 9,000 words for high-ticket programs?

To put that into perspective, that's about an 8 to 30-page Google Doc...and counting. And that's just the sales page.

How's that feel after you've already created an entire course? Not great, we presume. Plus, with all that hard work, do you really want to leave money on the table? C'mon, of course you don't!

ENTER: a conversion copywriter to get your people confident about buying and put your launch in full swing. 


Because here’s the thing...a successful launch requires way more than just having created an incredible program.

It takes heart, smarts, strategy...and a whole lot of conversion copy. The good news is, we're here for it.

There's really nothing we celebrate more than a fellow entrepreneur on fire who's putting their genius out there to impact more and more people. So let's make the most of this launch, shall we?

Tell us, are you ready to...

Receive strategic help in planning out your launch AND get fresh eyes on your program content

Delegate all of your launch copy from the sales page to email sequences into our conversion-focused, capable hands 

Get potential customers thinking, "This is the program / course / workshop I've been waiting for!"

Stop worrying about he said, she said - or whatever else is out there and OWN the flavor profile that makes your course YOURS

Surrender your words, take a stress-free sip, and know your launch is about to become far, far more effective

...then you've come to the right place.

LET’S hit those launch goals, already!

say no more, I'm in!

our bespoke Launch copy package ensuring you have every little word you need to sell with effervesence & flair

The Premier


Let's Get You Launched With Confidence and Conversions

A 1-hour call where we dive deep into the answers throughout your client homework, and begin to map out your brand story. We ask strategic questions, you talk, we type. Trust us, the magic starts here.

Here's what we're pouring up...

Story-driven Client Interview / Strategy Session

Voice-of-Customer Research & Data Gathering


Launch Email Sequence(S)

Long-Form Sales Page

As much as we'd love to just take your (or our) word for it, we conduct further research to ensure we're using the words your target audience is resonating with the most. We also comb through your existing data and the competitor landscape to further guide us and set you apart.

One more thing before we start writing...we need to know where and how each piece of your copy fits into your broader launch funnel. If you need a bit of help with launch mapping, planning our your calendar, and keeping it all organized - we're here to weigh in!

Like a bold Cab, your sales page is the real king of your launch copy. This up to 5,000+ word piece of copy is geared toward converting the right prospects to becoming your next customers. 

With the sales page on lock, we need to take your list from interested to invested. The number of emails in your sequence(s) wholly depends on your list, offer, and particular launch goals but we'll help to ensure you have what you need to convert at the highest level.

optional facebook ad copy & landing page

Want to take things one step further? Let's talk paid promotion. We can help write the copy for your Facebook Ad Campaigns and corresponding landing page(s) &/or recommend a killer agency for Facebook ad management.

READ: Bespoke means you can add or remove services from this list to suit your particular launch!

THE Premier STARTS at $4500

- Jen Olmstead, Tonic Site Shop

"If you hire her, I can tell you right now that you'll experience such peace of mind knowing that someone else understands your brand, your client, and will tell your story like it should be told (and convert your people in the process)."



"I was worried about 'giving up some control' and worried it wouldn't sound like me, but it did! Seeing the sales page makes me understand the transformation it could result in which is the thing I've struggled with putting my finger on for this course and courses in general - it's felt like too big a responsibility and like I didn't have the confidence to pull it off so this really helps!"


- Elana Jadallah, Elanaloo

"I couldn't have done this without you! I didn't realize *how* much I needed language for everything that's been in my head and the shifts we've made in our business! Thank you for helping me sort through everything and presenting something so much more powerful to the world! [...] Working with Copy Uncorked was a dream!"



"Look no further, Copy Uncorked will work magic on your copywriting needs. Kaitlyn brought out the most hidden aspects of our business and let our ideas flow! She captured our vision so perfectly and told our story so clearly."


- ASHLEY MERDER, valentine + rose

"If you are lost or torn on your decision, please do yourself the favor and invest in your business! Give Kaitlyn the reins. She will listen carefully, do the research and communicate your brand in such a personal way that is unmatched to any other. Her relaxed manner and positive attitude will leave you feeling confident and excited about what you're building and the people who will receive it."


- chelsea petersen,
modern agent social club

"I feel much more confident about this launch with the updated website. SO happy with the website! It covers everything! I feel like it’s finally what I want it to be and says all that I want to say. It’s perfect. Thank you SO much!! You are amazing at what you do! (Which I already knew)!!"


- sarah tudor,
sarah tudor creative

"What she does goes so much deeper than writing alone. Her read on me and my goals was spot on from our first call, and I felt so much clarity. When I have a first class experience like that, which is so rare, I tell pretty much everyone about it. For me that’s a luxury service."



"I always felt like you cared about my studio and the success of the campaign just as much as I did! It never felt like a purely simple business transaction of I pay you for the copy and you deliver the copy, end of story. I knew you genuinely felt like the studio's success was also your success."



"Having another set of eyes to give feedback before you launch something is SO valuable!! Especially if you believe in what you are launching SO much. It's hard to get everything out from within us sometimes or see it through another set of lenses. I felt so supported having Copy Uncorked give me feedback."


- Emily Hudson, Injoy Movement Studio

"Hiring you saved me the hours and headache of trying to figure it out on my own. In addition to simply saving me time, when all was said and done with the FB campaign our profit was over $3,000!! I always felt like you cared about my studio and the success of the campaign just as much as I did!"


Our full launch copy packages are completed in approximately 5-8 weeks. Due to the time, research, and high level of strategy put into each project, we accept a limited number of clients per month and often book a month or two in advance. Be sure to get in touch ASAP so we can reserve your project dates and assist you from start to finish!

Design Pairings, Client Sales Pages, and More, Oh My!

 need an online business manager or launch manager? we have options. Curious about which platform(S) to use? we have recommendations. want to see past work? just ask.

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