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Swipe My Notes from The Copywriter Club IRL Conference

Get the play-by-play from each speaker, become one step closer to writing like a pro copywriter, and grow your business like a grapevine.

- Shared with permission by the TCC IRL hosts, Kira & Rob.
- Please appropriately credit all speakers and respect their intellectual property. 
- Upon subscribing, you will also become a member of the Copy Cru!

you'll learn:

- Boss Mom's super simple content planning framework
- Mike Kim's approach to becoming a thought leader
- Kira Hug's nature-inspired explanation for scaling your biz
- Kirsty Fanton's approach to quiz funnels
- How to overcome the imposter complex
- Sam Wood's insight to a 7-figure agency business model
- Tarzan Kay's (and other's!) thoughts on pricing & packages
- Jasmine Star's standing ovation-worthy tips for pivoting
- Rob Marsh's tips to recession-proof your business
- Sage Polaris' insight on how to scale (without a course!)

...and *quite literally* SO much more...(it's too much to list!)

it's free. SIMPLE AS THAT!

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