Every project has it's own special attributes, but working with TBH founder, Brooke Sager, is always extra special. Not only is she instantly lovable, high-energy, and great at what she does, but she's become one of Kaitlyn's closest industry friends, and an IRL best friend, too. Having met up for creative, work-meets-play weekends in Montana and New York, Brooke's project was mostly collaborated on in person (and over endless phone + Zoom calls), while surrounded by her enthusiasm and endless ideas. TBH 2.0 is a reflection of how her company has evolved since its origin and where its headed—all with a bold new vision.


Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting



The Blaire House



"I could sing Kaitlyn and Copy Uncorked’s praises all day long (and most of the time, I do). I never knew the website copywriting experience could be so personal, so fulfilling, and so damn spot on. I’ve had a handful of people tell me within the first 6 hours of launching that they can *literally* hear my voice when read to them as they read through my site. Does it get any better than that? I would hire Kaitlyn over and over, and over again. From start to finish — proposal to goodbye guide — the copywriting process was seamless. I felt encouraged, inspired, and confident every step of the way. I could have never launched without CU."


Louisville, Kentucky 


Bold, chic, smart, relational


Branding / by Saffron Avenue
Website Customizations / by Brooke herself using TONIC + Northfolk Co.  templates

Basically, we’re going to map your sh*t out and then actually follow through on it.

We're fashionable but also comfortable in our own skin.


We don't buy in to "the hustle" and reject the path to burnout. We keep weekends sacred and our favorite people close. We value others' time and honor our commitments. We take our work, but not ourselves seriously.


It's all about that
lifestyle entrepreneurship.


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Work-Life Balance is some SERIOUS BULLSH*T

We lead with intelligence and never shy away from a witty comeback. We combine a sharp eye for detail with a big picture mindset. We first take care of ourselves - so we can take care of you. We make planning and operations fun and intentional AF—because why should it be anything but?


GET YOUR COPY crafted IN JUST 3 smooth steps

From research & discovery, to writing & wireframing, to revisions & testing, The CU Technique™ is our 3-step process to uncorking your words and ensuring they pleasantly strike on the nose & leave a nice long compelling finish. Start by getting in touch and if your project sounds like a good fit, we'll hop on a complimentary 20-minute Connect Call.