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The Tasting Room teaches founders our most popular (& proven) copywriting tips, training & frameworks, while providing thoughtful prompts and templates to help you develop those big ideas that already live within you.

This 4-part masterclass bundle covers brand voice & positioning, website copy, and welcome email sequences, so just like a day trip to the vineyard, you can have a taste of it all.

Here's what we know: regardless of what type of entrepreneur you are, or what industry you work within, you need a distinct brand voice, you need engaging website copy, you need to welcome and nurture new email subscribers, and whether now or in the near future - you need a dedicated page of copy to sell your product or service. 

It's a lot, we get it. And it’s difficult because you’re the CEO of your business, and you’re hustling to get it all done. You know nailing your brand copy from the start is going to propel your business forward, but you're short on time and prefer to keep your P&L in the green. You don’t have the budget, the team, the structure, or the confidence to tackle copy on your own. 

You wish there was a simple, all-encompassing guide to copywriting for your business. One that will help you to gain a deeper understanding of copy and brand voice while providing the structure and templates you need to get writing ASAP.

Well, you don’t have to wish anymore. We’re bringing you the best of brand copywriting in a format that's less of a 5-course meal with a top-shelf bottle and more like heading to a wine tasting with a few rounds of tapas. 


Delivered as a 4-part masterclass bundle, we're covering the must-know aspects of brand positioning & voice, website copywriting, creating an email welcome sequence, and crafting a high-converting sales page. Complete with templates & to-the-point training videos, you'll walk away with the ability to write copy that sells on repeat.

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 4-Part Masterclass Bundle

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PART one


Both of these terms are ones you've heard about, but honestly?You're still somewhat scratching your head when it comes to establishing yours, or knowing how to leverage it in a way that  drives sales for your business. Worry not—we're sharing the 3 components for both positioning & voice with practical application so it finally all make sense.





Writing the words for your website seems like it’ll be easy, right? Yeah, until it’s not. Which is why we’ll be covering must-know website copy considerations, including our go-to frameworks for the 3 main pages of your website: Home, About & Services.  Plus a doc with prompts so you can make swift progress. 

basics (the main pages)

PART three


Once you have a solid foundation of strategic web copy in place, you may need to put some extra 'oomph' into selling a particular product or service. Enter: the long-form sales page. Don't let the word 'long' scare you, these are powerhouses of conversion and can be made simple with our guidance.

advanced (sales pages)



Lastly, we wouldn't dare encourage you to publish to a website without building that email list of yours! (What email list, you ask?) Welp, you're about to get one! We're covering key tips + tutorials for getting started, prompts for hashing out ideas, AND giving you a 7-part, pre-written sequence of email copy to customize for your brand. Look at you go, you pro!


Contained within a course interface, so each component is easy to navigate & return to

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Includes 6+ templates/docs so you're never starting or writing from scratch




2 total hours of training videos (not weeks of material) so you can get in & get it done—quickly!


A clear overview of various industry terms that
will finally click & have you excited to execute 


Learn to apply The CU Technique™ with our well-aged, tasted & approved frameworks




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With four parts, we recommend completing them in separate sittings, and building on one another as you go. 

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Finish up your drafts and get it all published! You'll maintain access - so refer back to TTR whenever you need it.




I was getting frustrated and anxious about this whole thing and looking for copywriters to hire for my business. I didn't know how this worked but I am so glad I invested into this course. Worth it. Just makes me calm and gave me a sense of direction on what's next.

"Love these templates!"



Straight from the Chat

Even though I'm a professional copywriter who's written for countless brands over the years, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to articulate what you do, who you do it for, and why. Not to mention, taking the time to learn how to write everything from web copy to email sequences, on top of everything else on your plate. SO - I'm here to teach you what I know and what's worked for over 150 of our successful 1:1 clients - in the most efficient format possible. Now you can stop delaying, comparing, or Google searching and get on with pursuing your business dreams. Sound good?

cu founder & lead copywriter

I'm Kaitlyn.

hey there!

Intrigued But Have Questions?

CLICK BELOW TO GET THE A'S TO the most common Q'S.

01. Who was The Tasting Room created for?

We built out The Tasting Room with the rising entrepreneur - and particularly creative service providers in mind. Much of our approach is centered around blending creativity with strategy - and that includes bringing your full personality to the table. So whether you’re a solopreneur, a personal brand, a small team, or a full-fledged one, our goal is to help you extract the unique qualities that set you and your business apart. You can love writing or hate writing - either way, this will bring structure and intention to crafting your brand’s copy. Further, if you’re short on time and prefer to not spend into the high hundreds or even thousands, this is absolutely for you.

02. How is this different from Vine to Voice?

Only Part 1 of The Tasting Room, which covers brand positioning and voice, has overlap with Vine to Voice. However, Vine to Voice goes more in depth and includes a complete walkthrough of building out a Brand Messaging Style Guide. (Just like the ones we create for our 1:1 clients!) The Tasting Room will help you understand the elements of positioning and voice, so you can better understand how to define your own.

03. What if I’ve already bought Vine to Voice and WelcomE Email Series in a Week but I’m interested in this, too?

Shoot us an email to let us know what you already own and we’ll work something out for you as a CU Edu alum! ;)  -

04. Is this different from what you taught at TONIC’s Launch Camp?

Good question! Launch Campers got a great feel for what’s inside The Tasting Room. Parts 1 and 2 will slightly be a review, although there are entirely different examples within the presentations and some additional prompts. Parts 3 and 4 (Sales Pages + Email Welcome Sequences) weren’t covered at Launch Camp so that’s all new content! 

05. How is this different from The Copy House (TCH)?

While Part 2 (Website Copy Basics - Home, About & Services) takes you through a very similar process and framework as in The Copy House, it’s a slightly shorter version of it. TCH includes a full module on research, covers additional site pages, and goes into greater detail overall. TCH also has a community + live support component, whereas The Tasting Room does not. TCH is a higher-cost investment that won't be available until late spring/early summer 2022. TCH is a 6-week program, while The Tasting Room is intended to be digestible and able to be completed in a much shorter amount of time. Our recommendation is to begin with The Tasting Room and if you want to later dig deeper and gain more support, you’re welcome to later join The Copy House as well. 

06. How long are the doors open for?

They’re staying open! However, why would you wait when you can enter now at a discount AND start working on the words you need to grow your business? I know it’s easy to wait, put off, and say you’ll do it later, but we all know how busy life and running a business can be. So if copy has been a task on your list for too long already, carve out just a couple hours each week to make progress so you can start publishing copy that has a true impact on your brand.  

07. How long will I have access?

As is true of all our CU Edu products, you’ll maintain access for the lifetime of the product, including updates and additions. Even if a product gets retired on our site, you’ll still have access to it within our course platform. So you can truly revisit it whenever you need. 

08. Do you go into the specifics of SEO research and wireframing?

While we always write copy with SEO in mind and encourage you to spend some time considering & researching keywords before drafting, we don’t go into specific detail about SEO research. Our friend Ryan Moreno has an awesome Showit SEO course we recommend so we’ll let him cover the specifics! Find it on the CU Resources page. 

09. What’s the format?

You’ll find a brief welcome video, followed by all four parts which include: slides with voice overlay, access to the slides themselves, transcripts, and at least 1 Google Doc template per section. 

What’d we miss? Have any lingering questions of our own? Send ‘em on over.

If this all sounds like just what you need, join us inside in time for happy hour! ;) 

We’ll be raising a glass to you & the high-converting words you're bound to create.

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