SO you just purchased a stunning NEW tonic site? (Great choice, by the way.)


Well, hi there! We're in the business of words - as in copywriting - or "copy" for short.

We're long-standing TONIC VIPs ourselves, so we know first-hand the impact your new site is about to have on your business...and your confidence.

Thanks to Jen's own copywriting skills, your new template has likely already given you some incredible inspiration and ideas for your copy.

We're simply here to take things one step further and equip you with the resources and education you may need to not only wow your prospects right off their bar seats at first glance, but to keep them wanting more and more.

Let's get to it, shall we?







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Wondering Where to Begin With Writing the Copy for Your Template?

allow us to give you a few pointers...


Open a Fresh Google Doc

As tempting as it is to just fill in that dummy text within Showit, you’ll be able to think through and plan out your copy with greater intention, as well as later refer back to it and make edits or additions as needed.

Your TONIC site is super easy to edit so by starting with the copy, you’ll know exactly where to make customizations to your design without constantly tweaking it. Plus, it’s just smart to have all your copy also live somewhere off of your site and allows for easy collaboration as needed.

(Pssst, we even wrote the copy for this page on a Google Doc first!)


Plan Out Your Site’s Content One Page & One “Canvas” at a Time

Showit calls each individual content section within each page a “canvas”. So we like to start by planning out what canvases are needed on each page.

It may help you to refer to your template for ideas as you do this! Perhaps all of the existing sections will work great for you - that’s awesome! Just know you can always add additional canvases or move them.

Within your Google Doc, you can create an outline of what sections to include on each page and start filling it in with bullet points that you can later flesh into fuller paragraph copy. This not only helps you to overcome the blinking cursor of writer’s block, but once you do this, you’re already over halfway there!


Now That You Have an Idea of What You’re Trying to Say, Figure Out How You Want to Say It 

This is the fun part where you get to infuse your headlines, subheaders, and body copy with your personality and voice. Again, you can look to your template for inspiration and adjust each line of copy to be accurate and on-brand for you.

Your copy should always be very audience-focused. As Donald Miller teaches, your reader is the hero of the story, and you’re the guide! There should be more “you” language than “I” or “we”.

Focus on conveying empathy and building authority. Think: What makes you the right person with the best solution to their problem, need, or desire?


Write Strong, Attention-Grabbing Headlines and a Clear Call-to-Action on Each Page

As you work through each canvas of your site, ensure you have a strong, attention grabbing headline (and an optional sub-header) at the top of each page. This is so important because the goal of each line of copy is to get them to read the NEXT line of copy.

Without a headline, why should they read at all? The other important aspect is a clear call-to-action, and ideally, ONE at the end of each page. There should be one (maybe 2!) places you’re leading them next.

Ensure you have no dead ends and you’ll be one step closer to bring in those dream client leads!


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