Trello Content Calendar Template 2.0


This template has been popular with our 1x1 clients, so we decided to make it accessible in the Shop so you can easily create a content strategy of your own! All you need is a free Trello account! Then simply copy our board template and begin customizing it to suit your needs.

It covers an overarching Content Strategy, plenty of space for all your blog content ideas, a calendar "Power-up" so you can see all publish dates at-a-glance, a blog writing/editing checklist, email writing checklists, monthly AND daily social media planning, and a system for keeping you organized. Uhhh, yes please. 

Best for: Creative entrepreneurs, content creators, educators, brands with a small team or contractors needing to collaborate on content creation efforts

-  1 Trello board template
- Step-by-step checklists
- Weekly & monthly calendar views
- A 25-minute walkthrough video
- A crash course in creating a content strategy
- Comprehensive planning for your blog, email and social media

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"Oh my word, I am so impressed with your workflow!! That video was so helpful and I can't wait to begin using Trello to make content creation easier! Thank you for putting that together. It looks perfect :)"

- Kadie Smith, Drop Cap Design

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