Website Copy Review & Revision (R&R)


So you DIY-ed your website copy (go you!) but you’re not 100% confident in going live with it yet. You’ve already asked your husband, mom, sister, and pup for their opinion, but you think it’s time you asked someone who actually does this kind of thing for a living.

We'll comb through what you have, do some testing, tweak a section or two of your copy, and get back to you with tips for making your website perform & persuade THAT much better.

Simply click below to complete a brief form, sign your contract, and pay the invoice. Then we’ll get on it and have your site all shined up in no time!

- Direct booking & quick turnaround
- Discovery questionnaire
- Our initial research & review
- Written revisions & tweaks
- Wrap-up call (~30 mins)

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"I felt nervous handing over something as powerful as my copy, but within just one week of working with Kaitlyn and getting her feedback on my website, I knew I made the right choice. She was able to consolidate and pinpoint exactly where I needed to lean in and give me tangible direction for improving my site. From confusing flow to incomplete information, she not only helped me craft my message, but tell my story."

- Kadie Smith, Drop Cap Design