Your brand is your baby, which is why most business owners feel way too close to their work to effectively articulate what they do and why. Here's the good news: You’ve found the place where established brands and creative entrepreneurs go to get crystal-clear messaging and high-converting copywriting in a fun yet serious-about-results manner. 

Our signature process is proven to produce words that communicate the best of you - in your words - while resonating with the people who most need what you have to offer. No matter the medium, we’re all about writing copy that sounds like you, communicates a compelling message, and converts your audience into paying clients or customers.

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With a vision to make the world of copywriting more hospitable and experiential, I combined two things I love—words and wine, to serve impactful founders and creatives in a way that’s far from the flashy rat race of entrepreneurship. 

Having partnered with well over 200 businesses from around the globe since 2016, we have the process, the proof, and the enduring passion to help you craft a brand message that rises above the clutter and deeply resonates—so the right people take action. Our clients in industries ranging from e-commerce, wedding professionals, designers & digital creators, wellness, hospitality, real estate, and corporate franchises proudly carve their place in business … and now have the words to tell people about it.

We’re in their corner for the long haul, and we want to be in yours, too.


Master’s in Strategic Communications


Former D1 Athlete with 2 NCAA Final Four appearances


Certified Copywriter & a dedicated student of CopyHackers

Honestly, with a name like Copy Uncorked, 
should it have started any other way? 

Having gone to a university surrounded by vineyards, with a father who worked in the beverage industry for 20+ years, wine puns were never out of reach. I later took a trip to the Champagne region of France and became fully immersed in the luxurious hospitality offered at each Champagne house.

It was a feeling I wanted to bottle up and take with me, which as a writer & marketer, got me thinking about how drastically different the world of copywriting often felt: flashy, hyperbolic, pressure-driven, and just way too intense?

On the flight home, my hand couldn’t keep up with my thoughts as the entire concept for CU dropped into my brain—

Copywriting services inspired by the nature of wine, the depth of storytelling, creative flair, and strategic positioning. These seemingly-unrelated connections quickly gained legs and after years of refinement and growth, we’ve become the highly-regarded creative agency you see today.

More importantly, this company has always been (and always will be) less about us, more about you, and the things we can create together to grow your business. Each and every day, we raise a glass to that.

Hannah Malone

director of operations

Louisiana native, Florida resident, wife & mama, Cab drinker

Kari Catone

Senior team writer

Ohian turned New Yorker, doubles as a performing artist, drink depends on the day

Kari Cotone

senior team writer

Ohian turned New Yorker, doubles as a performing artist, drink depends on the day

Caitlin Pagano

team writer

Chicagoan, newlywed, avid traveler, espresso martini drinker

Caitlin Pagano

Team Writer

Chicagoan, newlywed, avid traveler, espresso martini drinker

Lindsey Hawkins

team writer

California-based, outdoor enthusiast, rock climber, ecomm copy expert & all about sweets

Lindsey Hawkins

Team Writer

California-based, outdoor enthusiast, rock climber, ecomm copy expert & all about sweets

Hayley Wyatt

team Designer

Tennesseean, BA in Design, faith-filled,  & a spicy margarita, please

Hayley Wyatt

Team Designer

Tennesseean, BA in Design, faith-filled, & a spicy margarita, please

We’re obsessed with witnessing how the right words empower a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into your spirit, and revitalize the passion you have for your business. 

The Dream Team

You have clearly defined offerings and a core understanding of what your business is all about.

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Your brand has a modern, creative angle to it and you're not afraid to try something different and stand out.

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You wouldn't be mad if we suggested meeting for wine, not coffee.

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You have an appreciation for travel, exploration, and the finer things in life.

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You're collaborative and responsive and are excited to see where our process takes your copy.

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You'd rather hire us than keep endlessly fiddling with your copy and website template.

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You're ready to hand over the reins and start seeing results.

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