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Conversion-driven brand messaging, website copywriting, and more – always crafted with precision & flair.



By the team of hardworking, fun-loving professionals who get it, who get you—and who exist to play a role in your continued success.

Copywriting is essential to every aspect of branding and marketing your business. And yet, copywriting can also be a confusing, perplexing, insanely time-consuming task that has you grabbing glass #2, and slowly tugging at your hair as you tap on the keyboard … and then tap backspace even faster. “I don’t have time for this,” you think. And you’d be right. Followed by, “Can’t my products & services just sell themselves?” Unfortunately, no. Not without words. So allow us to welcome you to the place where conversion copy flows like a fine wine. We'll take it from here...

From strategizing the flow of your website, to refining your messaging, to mapping out your email sequences, to running a remote agency, no topic is off the table. You'll get the professional insight you need - and quickly - through a streamlined, confidential call with Kaitlyn.

60-minute call. Recording + detailed summary with action steps provided. Direct booking.

1-Hour Consulting / Strategy Call

Delve into CU Edu with our signature course, now including a personalized review of your drafted copy. You'll be guided step-by-step through the CU Way as you craft compelling and original to you brand messaging & website copywriting — so you sound as legit as you are.

Self-paced, mixed-media course complete with a 220+ page Coursebook, templates & a 1:1 review of your draft.

The Essential Copy Course®

When you need compelling, personality-fueled copy done efficiently and done remarkably well, this is your solution. You'll get a healthy pour of our signature service - brand messaging & website copywriting - in a condensed format, so you can stop overanalyzing, tweaking, or procrastinating the launch of your new website. (Because you simply can't launch a website without copy.) Walk away with a wireframed web copy draft & mini brand messaging guide in-hand. Your designer will love you and you'll love having a reference document to stay consistent & make your mark through every brand touchpoint.

Completed in just 2 weeks. Inquire for availability & a proposal.

Partial Brand Messaging & Website Copy


• Client Questionnaire
• 60-minute Strategy / Kickoff Call
• Industry Research & Brand Discovery
• Mini Brand Messaging Style Guide
• 3+ Pages of Website Copy (Google Doc)
• (1) 30-Min Review Call + (1) Round of Revisions
• SEO Page Titles + Meta Descriptions
• Polished & Design-Ready Website Copy Draft
• Option to add add'l Utility Pages as needed (Contact, Blog, Thank You, etc.)
• Design Pairings: Option to add Brand Identity &/or Website Template Customizations

When a single glass just won't do, allow us to be at your service. We'll fully take over the reins, writing comprehensive and original-to-you brand messaging that positions your brand to stand out. Followed by a wireframed, personality-fueled, and design-ready full website copy draft. Always crafted to capture (and keep) your prospect’s attention so you can generate more revenue and confidently grow your business.

Completed in 5 to 8+ weeks. Customizable with add-ons available. Inquire for availability & a custom proposal.

Full Brand Messaging & Website Copy


• Client Questionnaire
• 60-minute Strategy / Kickoff Call
• Industry Research & Brand Discovery
• Conducting up to 3 Customer Interviews
• Comprehensive Brand Messaging Style Guide Draft (Google Doc)
• Comprehensive Brand Messaging Style Guide (PDF Design)
• 5+ Core Pages Of Website Copy + Contact page included
• (2) 30-Min Review Calls + (2) Rounds of Revisions
• SEO Page Titles + Meta Descriptions
• Collaboration with Your Designer as Desired
• Polished & Design-Ready Website Copy Draft
• Option to add add'l Standard, Utility, or Sales Pages as needed
• Design Pairings: Option to add Brand Identity &/or Website Template Customizations

we can help with that


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Additional Web Pages (Standard, Utility, or Sales Pages),
Product Descriptions, Email Sequences (Nurture/Welcome or Sales/Promotional), Email Newsletters, Brand Naming, Ad Copy,  Brand Identity, Website Template Customizations, & more.

Custom copywriting or content writing retainers are available
for right fit clients by request. 


Inquire for availability and a personalized proposal.

"I'm totally convinced you're incapable of producing anything less than pure gold."

You captured me and my heart and words in a way I never thought possible, and made it something only God could’ve, so thank you for being a vessel that the Lord could move and work through. You're so gifted at what you do and I couldn’t be more grateful. So honored to do this alongside you!

Jessica Vickers

01 / 06

"I cried the first time I read my brand messaging guide because it felt so me. "

I absolutely loved working with Kaitlyn and her team at CU. They are organized, timely, follow through with everything promised, and are so talented.  My website copy was strategic and beautifully written. I've already begun recommending them to all my friends in the industry!

Jordyn Dryden

02 / 06

"I'm always blown away by the work CU puts out."

I've had full confidence in CU since first seeing their work out in the wild, and listening to Kaitlyn speak all about website copy shows what an expert she is at her craft.

Shelby Johnson

03 / 06

"This is incredible work and I feel so fulfilled & happy with everything."

I wouldn’t have been able to do this with you—you truly gave my brand (and myself) the voice I always knew I had but couldn’t find just on my own.

Lexie Hand

04 / 06

"I could not have gotten this launch off without Copy Uncorked."

Before, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of copy/messaging work required. And CU over delivered across the board so I could go into this launch feeling aligned, relaxed and confident. My favorite part of working together was seeing the vision come to life in a comprehensive document—that was thrilling. It is an absolute no-brainer. Pay in full now.

Jac Relke

05 / 06

"I loved seeing the information that I gave Kaitlyn and her team turned into the words that I just wasn't able to formulate on my own."

They were able to capture my personality and add in the fun parts that I wanted without it being too over the top or sounding like I was trying too hard.

Amanda Walsh 

06 / 06



Harmonious copy & design
Equal parts emotion + logic
Infused with research & intention
Creative themes to entertain & convert
Poured over until made just right

Experience a laid-back laid-back yet refined approach to copywriting, crafted with thoughtful strategy, sharp creativity, and a keen emphasis on the crucial integration of copy and design.

This is the research & discovery phase where we’ll start to uncork your message, aerate your biggest differentiators, and learn to speak the language of your target audience so they feel seen and understood by you.

Next, we pour into the writing, wireframing & editing portion. With most of the data out on the table, we expertly strategize, refine, and tweak your new words, so they pleasantly strike on the nose and leave a compelling finish.


Finally, we’ll go through revisions, testing & validation to ensure everything reads smooth as a Cab Sav. Your copy won’t just be as clear as your finest wine glass—it'll be highly-curated, specific, and effective.



Applying industry research, voice-of-customer data, and proven persuasion techniques—but not at the expense of genuine empathy & humanity.

We write for humans; with regard for SEO. (We have a few tricks to make you loved by your ideal clients &
search engines.)


We care about the design phase as much as the copy. Heck, we popularized #copyxdesign.


We complete in-depth voice-of-customer & market research.


We offer strategic input and consulting around your offers.



We take differentiating you & your brand seriously.


We provide a beautiful PDF version of your brand messaging for easy reference & sharing.


We walk through each draft together on a video call. 


We format, wireframe, and obsessively edit your draft.


Most notably, each project we take on, we complete with diligence, integrity, expertise, and most importantly, joy. Because it really is a joy to hear your vision, to articulate the value you bring to the world, and to help you pour it up in a way that leaves you feeling wildly excited to call your business, yours.