If you have a business of any kind, you need copy. 

The words on your website, your social media captions, your Facebook ads, your email blasts, your landing pages, your product descriptions…(shall we keep going?) - it’s all a little thing known as “copy” that makes a big impact.

If you want potential clients or customers to take an action (buy, book, register, sign-up, enroll…), you can’t afford to not have great copy.

You can’t cut corners with lackluster, unintentional, and boring copy that holds you back from creating the change you sought out to invoke.

Here's an undeniable truth...

It may be design that draws people in, but it’s words that keep them there.

Every line of copy has one goal: to get your prospect to read the next line of copy. 

It’s like tasting an aged, French red. It’s meant to be enjoyed, sip by sip, delighting the senses and making you feel something. Each line brings out the notes and flavors of the other, compelling your reader to take action.

That's what we do for our clients. Take a sip & see for yourself!

Trusted By

Elana Jadallah is a sought-after photographer, educator, strategist, and environmental advocate based on the Big Island in Hawai'i. She is a passionate about approaching life & business through the lens of sustainability. She offers social media consulting, brand photography, and plenty of other digital resources as she's undoubtedly making waves near & far.

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting
Brand Strategy
Ebook Editing & Revisions

"I couldn't have done this without you! I didn't realize *how* much I needed language for everything that's been in my head and the shifts we've made in our business! Thank you for helping me sort through everything and presenting something so much more powerful to the world! [...] Working with Copy Uncorked was a dream!"

Location: Big Island, Hawai'i
Tasting Notes: Ocean-inspired, natural, passionate, empathetic

Elana loo

Completed in partnership with and under the direction of Drop Cap Design, Alyssa knows her numbers and has helped handfuls of start-ups (many of which you'd probably recognize) to know their numbers, too. It was such a fun site to write for, with its crystal clear emphasis on generating results and hitting your growth targets. Site design by Nikki of Made by NF.

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting

"Ahh you are incredible! You made the entire brand come to life with your words! I can never thank you enough!"

Location: San Diego, California
Tasting Notes: Editorial, smart, approachable, candid

Dartboard Media

A successful photographer, Nicola came to Copy Uncorked to help her develop a new arm of her business focused entirely around helping photographers to create and launch digital products. Her warm, inviting personality inspires you to truly believe that you can get started with creating passive income products and it doesn't have to be as scary as you thought.

The Work:
Website Copywriting
Launch Copy (Sales Pages & Email)

"I've had the best experience. I was really hesitant at first because it is quite a big investment - but for me, gosh, hands down it was the best investment. I've booked [Copy Uncorked] to do more work, I was that impressed."

Location: UK
Tasting Notes: Creative, approachable, encouraging

Nicola Dixon

17th & Ocean is the sister brand to Hugo Film Co., serving experience-based luxury brands throughout California and beyond. They create compelling videos to help brands market their offerings and show the world that their experience matters. You'll want to step right into the screen with this one. 

The Work:
Brand Naming
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting
Website Template Customizations

"I seriously cannot say thank you enough for all that you've done for us. Your copy has inspired us and given us so much more confidence in our offerings. We are so excited to begin this new chapter of our elevated brand, and could not have done it without you! "

Location: Carmel, California
Tasting Notes: Clean, inviting, luxury, emotive

17th & Ocean

Christian Oth is founder, educator and principal photographer behind Oth Media Group and its array of brands. He's been recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar and Photo District News, alongside many other features in major publications. He's began sharing everything he knows with other photographers through his latest venture, The Academy, and the Being a Photographer Podcast. Design work by Tonic Site Shop.

The Work:
Landing Pages
Home Page Website Copy /
Sales Page

"This is so so great! I am blown away by your level of understanding me and the subject. You are truly a master at this! All-in-all, this is exceptional. Thank you so much!!!

Location: New York, NY
Tasting Notes: Luxury, elegant, smart, trend-setting

The Academy by Christian Oth

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Online Marketing


Roddy is an accomplished physician, performance scientist, author, and master coach. He was referred to us in need of an overhaul and clarification of his brand messaging and full website copy to share his impressive line-up of workshops and speaking topics. His site now serves as a go-to destination for learning how to rewire the neural pathways in your brain so you can live a deeply empowered life. 

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting
Sales Pages

"I strongly recommend that you reach out to Kaitlyn if you need to communicate the value of your brand to your customer, period. She listens with exquisite power, does in depth homework on your brand and market, and her copywriting mastery is inspiring. She helped us to take a complex brand that had been built organically over many years, and transformed it into a clear and compelling narrative. She has an extremely smooth client relationship methodology leaving your and her time to focus on the most important work ... telling your story. I am proud to have Kaitlyn's genius so meaningfully woven into our brand."  

Location: La Jolla, California
Tasting Notes: Grounding, inspiring, trustworthy, expert

Roddy Carter

Casey DiNardo is a former professional athlete as a member of the U.S. Women's National Field Hockey Team. She is now a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Science and a Certified Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition. She came to Copy Uncorked looking for a brand and website to launch her online fitness membership.

The Work:
Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Copy Editing
Showit Template Install & Design Customizationy

"Wow this is blowing me away, you are a miracle worker! I owe you a big bottle of wine right to your doorstep after this. You are the best. [...] I wouldn’t have been able to do it without literally! I love everything about it."

Location: Northern Virginia
Tasting Notes: Clean, modern, bold, motivating

Casey Dinardo

Anna & Tristan Paniak are the husband-and-wife team behind Spirit & Spear. A balance of opposites, these two provide a complete health and wellness coaching solution, using the Enneagram and a primal-structured lifestyle as their underlying philosophy. It was an honor helping them to bring this project to fruition from start to finish.

The Work:
Brand Naming
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting
Website Template Customizations

"We’ve loved working with you! I’m amazed at how you’ve created content that describes us and what we do so well and sounds so amazing!
We’re so excited to launch because you’ve created a website that we are proud of!"

Location: Alberta, Canada
Tasting Notes: Natural, balanced, comforting, Scandinavian

 Spirit & Spear

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Coaching & Consulting


Stacy is a luxury interior organizer who simply loves what she does. As a born organizer, she helps busy families and professionals turn clutter and chaos into functional beauty. They knew the importance of strong branding and messaging to set themselves apart in their industry. This one is as clean and fluid as it ought to be!

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Strategy / Wireframing
Website Copywriting
Website Template Install & Customizations

"Kaitlyn is a master copywriter and also supported our website creation. She has mentored and guided us through our process and we are so grateful for her ability to put our thoughts into words (we’ll stick to the organizing!). She helped us say everything that we always wanted to about our brand in a beautiful way. Her guidance and professionalism took us from feeling disorganized and stressed to feeling confident, consistent, cohesive, and organized. It has been a pleasure working with [Copy Uncorked]!"

Location: Seattle, WA
Tasting Notes: Modern, clean, upscale

A Mindful Method

Completed in partnership with and under the direction of Drop Cap Design. Levi is an incredible local craftsman who creates custom cabinetry for high-end homes throughout the beautiful mountainside town of Jackson. They wanted a site that told their story and reflected their quality of it. ( might be one of our favorites.) Site design completed by Nikki of Made by NF.

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting

From the team: "You nailed the copy for this site and added so much depth and story to the business vision."

Location: Jackson Hole, WY
Tasting Notes: Rugged, refined, quality

D&E Custom Cabinets

John Foulsham is a seasoned business owner and a go-to contractor throughout Boston's South Shore. John came to Copy Uncorked looking to modernize and update his existing and already in-demand brand. The end result is a clean, authority-building site that separates Foulsham Corp from the competition even more.

The Work:
Branding + Logo (Project Managed)
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting
Showit Template Install & Customizations
Dubsado CRM Set-up & Email Templates

"We absolutely love it - feel and vibe of the website is amazing and exactly what Foulsham Corp needs. We can't thank you enough for all of your help and hard work."

Location: Boston, MA
Tasting Notes: Modern, clean, masculine, professional

Foulsham Corp

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Home & Residential


Stacey came to us with a Tonic Site Shop template and was in need of personality-driven words to convey the luxurious, renovated properties her and her husband rent out on Vrbo, Airbnb, and Homeaway in Kihei, HI.

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Copy
Inquiry Response Templates
Blog Writing

"When I started planning my website I didn't even think about the need for a copywriter. Domain, template, photos - set. I purchased a template and found out that had no idea what I was doing. Even if I was decent at writing, being able to organize a site and lead the reader through the journey is a skill she has perfected. After reviewing the first draft of copy I knew I made the right choice. She is smart, kind, organized, and has a great design eye."    

Location: Maui, HI
Tasting Notes: Tropical, modern, inviting, bright

Maui Beachside

David Frost is a legendary pro golfer and PGA champion who actually grew up on a vineyard and later bought his own 300-acre vineyard in 1994. Today you can even find some of his wines in Trader Joe's! The team was looking for a unified brand story and key messages as they continue to expand into new markets. 

The Work:
Brand Messaging

"This is fantastic. I LOVE the brand messaging deck you sent on the last email– thank you for that. It’s such a beautiful deliverable!!"

Location: South Africa
Tasting Notes: Cultured, authentic, storied, approachable

David Frost

Mazévo makes a clean & consciously made rosé in small, sustainable batches on a family owned vineyard. They came to us looking for key messaging statements to use throughout their online channels, like the tagline "Made to Gather" that we developed. If you life around San Diego, keep an eye out for this bright and expressive wine. 

The Work:
Brand Messaging

"Omgsh Kaitlyn, I was not expecting this style guide. This is so amazing!! We love it. Thank you for making our story come to life so beautifully and for all of your hard work. You have been such a pleasure working with and so thankful to have worked with you!"

Location: Encinitas, CA
Tasting Notes: Feminine, conscious, 

Mazévo wines

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Wine, Hospitality & Travel



Tracy Gillett is the founder and author of Raised Good - a natural parenting blog with millions of readers from around the world. Despite being an award-winning writer herself, she came to Copy Uncorked looking to clarify her messaging and revamp her website copy plus additional sales pages for her newly developed offerings. Her site was custom designed by Ink & Honey Design Co. and showcases the best of Raised Good.

The Work:
Brand Messaging
Website Copywriting
Copy Editing
Sales Pages (x3)
Landing Page Copy

"Your communication was excellent. You were approachable, warm, and easy to talk to. I was worried about "giving up some control" and that [the copy] wouldn't sound like me, but it did! I loved feeling like I had someone on my team and how easy and fun the process was. I felt a little lost and confused and overwhelmed with brand messaging before but now, I feel clear and confident and excited to move forward."

Location: Vancouver, BC
Tasting Notes:  Bold, modern, organic, rustic, inspiring

Raised Good

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Baby & Parenting

Christina Crespo Heath is the talented stylist and owner behind Curate Salon, a concept, booth rent salon located in the heart of Virginia Beach. This is the second project we've worked on with this multi-passionate entrepreneur. You have to click through to read the copy and see her design eye and hair styling in action!

The Work:
Partial Website Copywriting
Website Template Customizations

"You’re amazing!! Seriously could not have done this without you. As a copywriter, you're the best of the best and you've made both of my businesses look so good!"

Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Tasting Notes: Modern, boho, industrial, laid-back

Curate Salon



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What's Being Said

"This [Brand Messaging Style Guide] is AMAZING!!!!! I love seeing it so visually organized and know this is going to be a major asset to the studio. I think it's so unique to find a deeply creative person who also thinks strategically, and I appreciate the care and consideration she took in treating my business as if it were her own. I felt understood, supported, and encouraged that I CAN do this and she'll be right there to guide me along the way."

- Kadie, drop cap design

"As a designer, I've worked with countless copywriters, which means it says a lot that when we decided to hire someone, we immediately chose Kaitlyn. [She's] one of the only copywriters I've seen and worked with that truly disappears into your brand... not writing in [HER] voice, but in yours. And obviously, we love your style!"


"SO SO happy with the updated website! It covers everything! I feel like it’s finally what I want it to be and says all that I want to say. It’s perfect. Thank you SO much!! You are amazing at what you do! (Which I already knew)!! 

- Chelsea, modern agent social club

"I LOVE this! You’ve nailed it outta the park. Seriously.... I feel like you really get me and I’m so excited to do this work together!! Thank you!!"

- melissa, stay balanced coaching

"When I worked with Kaitlyn on another project and I saw the way she took a concept and crystallized it into words I was astounded. She’s one of these talented people that makes everything look effortless, but this woman is part psychologist, part designer, part magician. What she does goes so much deeper than writing alone. Her read on me and my goals was spot on from our first call, and I felt so much clarity."


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