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Supplemental resources and offerings for when you don't have the time or budget for our 1x1 services or just prefer to DIY. Invest less, learn the best practices, and go on rockin’ your business.


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Love these templates. I was getting frustrated and anxious about this whole thing. Looking for copywriters to hire for my business. This makes me calm and gave me a sense of direction on what to do next.   

"I am so glad I invested into this. Worth it."

I didn't even know where to start but I loved how organized the [Welcome Email Series Template] was and how easy it was for me to customize.

"In general, it just makes my life easier!"

It's organized and clearly structured with instructions and proper heading (easily jump from one to another in the side navigation panel). Love the helpful tips and subject line options as well!

"Organized & easy to customize."

I loved the specificity— not to mention the ready-made template!

"I was stunned how much value I got out of it."


Our signature website copywriting group program for the bold, brave, business owner on a mission. We'll teach you how to write website copy you're proud of in a matter of weeks.

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