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The Resource Cellar: Top Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

June 7, 2024

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




If you’ve been in business for a few years, you likely already have your whole tech stack / systems suite figured out. 

(But let’s be honest…who isn’t interested in exploring what else is out there … and seeing what other people are loving!?)

And if you’re newer to business or just looking to enhance various aspects of your brand, we had to take a second to put the spotlight on the following partner brands. 

Each are undoubtedly at the top of their field when it comes to serving online + creative entrepreneurs.

We’ve stood by these brands for years – and still never cease to be amazed by each new thing they create. 

We’re also a broken record of referring each of them to our 1:1 clients + Edu students, and now we’re giving you a round-up of our top picks in one place.

… juuuust in case we haven’t shouted about them enough  —because their business + your business = 🤝💥📈

Gotta love when you see brands truly helping other brands.

Our Favorite Resources

The Creative Law Shop®

These are the exact contract templates we use to protect all of our efforts through CU + CU Edu.

From our client copywriting, design & retainer contracts, to our website’s privacy policy, to our course terms and conditions … if we’re sending out a contract, it’s thanks to Paige’s contract drafting skills.

She’s a practicing attorney who has actually defended the contracts she’s written in a real courtroom. That’s the kind of experience you want in your corner.

Not to mention, CLS is soon to be launching a game-changing contract-building app.

(In fact, it’s the very first of its kind!)

There’s no need to wait until the app launches to get the best deal on the contracts & resources you need to ensure you have a legally-sound business. (We got the inside scoop & promise of that from Paige herself!) 😏

Contracts may not be the most exciting business investment you make, but I can assure you, it’s one of the most important.

Website Platform


We’re proud Showit users since late 2015, which means we’ve seen the incredible growth this website platform has had over the years. (And it was awesome to begin with.) It will make you want to be / wish you were / feel like you are a website designer. Not to mention, Showit-specific website templates are simply the best on the market. We’ll even help you customize & launch yours!


Standing out online is harder & more important than ever before. But one easy way for your brand to shine is with stunning, on-brand emails people love to get. Email marketing has honestly never been easier or prettier.


Élevae Visuals is the ultimate styled stock photography & video membership — and a CU fave!

They provide thousands of high-quality & gorgeous photo & video assets, offered via a quarterly or annual membership. 

Even if you’ve invested in a curated brand shoot (definitely recommend doing so!), having access to a stock library like Élevae can really help you stretch those brand photos and fill in the gaps. Meaning, less time & money spent on brand shoots throughout the year, and more variety within your content, without sacrificing a cohesive identity. 

Such a win-win-win.

Trust us, when you’re customizing your website template or those shiny new social media graphics you just bought, you’re going to want a number of assets at your disposal to work with. New photos & videos are constantly being added – which also allows you to add a nod to the current season within your content. Fun!

Save 15% on any membership with code: COPYUNCORKED



Nobody does it quite like TONIC — eye-catching, editorial templates, that is. Once exclusive to Showit website templates, there are now TONIC templates for just about every touchpoint of your business — including Canva templates for social media, email, presentations, lead magnets, and more.

Shop now & keep your eyes out for their next big & sure to be beautiful template drop this spring.

Save 15% or more with code: COPYUNCORKED


One of the best business decisions I ever made was having a dedicated CRM since day 1. A tool like Dubsado not only shows your professionalism and builds trust, but allows you to easily send invoices & contract, schedule appointments, add notes from your sales calls, create workflows, and so much more. They also just integrated directly with Stripe for optimized payments. Do yourself a favor, and do Dubsado!

For 20% off your first month use code: COPYUNCORKED


When we first learned of this partnership, we audibly gasped with enthusiasm. Both Northfolk’s Sam & Rachel + Saffron Avenue’s Angela are design powerhouses in their own right. So combined, they’re just next level.

You’ll find Showit website templates, add-on page templates, plus matching social media templates (Canva) and email templates (Flodesk).

Shop all things signature to Northfolk as well as the Saffron Avenue collection and save 15% with code: COPYUNCORKED

Nailing down your collection of business resources can be overwhelming — we totally get it. Which is why we make it part of the conversation with all of our clients.

We’re there for you to help weigh in on the platforms that are right for you, answer your questions, advise on things like template selection, and even help you bring your site to life. (Inquire here if you’re ready to get on our books & start that convo!)

Here’s to your digital glow-up! ✨

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of our links/discount codes, we will receive a small commission. As always, we only share what we’ve tested ourselves and stand behind!



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