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5 Copy Essentials Your Home Page Needs to Convert

September 7, 2023

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




Ever wandered onto a beautifully designed website, only to find yourself lost in a maze of pages, wondering what the heck they’re offering? 

You’re left thinking, “Wait, what exactly can they do for me and why should I be interested?”

Yeah, we’ve all been there. And in a world of digital noise, your website needs to stand out like a fine wine at a crowded party. Even if your leads are flowing in from social media or word of mouth, your brand still needs a polished home – and that’s your website. It’s where you unveil your finest offerings, demonstrating what you’re all about and why your audience should raise their glass to yours. It may feel a little ‘salesy’, but that’s the point of your website—to convert customers, right?

It’s why having a crystal-clear website, and more importantly a well-crafted home page, matters more than ever. It’s the litmus test for your prospects, allowing them to see if they can truly trust you on the promises you’ve made across your social media platforms. Your website is your chance to prove that your brand isn’t just a fleeting trend, but a vintage that’s worth savoring.

Using parts of our own Copy Uncorked site (and a few of our clients + peers) as an example, allow us to uncork the secrets of crafting compelling home page copy that not only makes sense but converts those curious clicks into loyal customers.

5 Copywriting Essentials for Your Home Page


Arguably one of the most important things to master in website copywriting. A potential customer should land on your home page and – within seconds – understand EXACTLY what you offer and why they should care. 

You can easily achieve this by placing your most important messaging ‘above the fold’ on your home page, AKA the images and text that appear before someone starts scrolling. Your copy here should be ‘tight’ and to the point; not to mention, customer-centric.

Your value proposition can range from a transformative message to the promise of solving a problem, or it can merely state precisely what you do. The point is to be as clear and concise as possible to avoid confusion with your prospective client. You can see how we take advantage of the space right under our navigation bar, and above the fold, to communicate to the reader exactly what we’re here to do for them.

See below for a few of our favorite value propositions from some all-star brands:


You know those “Add to Cart” or “Sign Up Now” buttons? They’re the rock stars of website copy. 

CTAs guide your visitors on their journey, like a sommelier guiding you through the wine-tasting process. So make them stand out, make them repeatable, and make them impossible to miss. Whether they’re a punchy “call-to-value” like “Let’s get growing” or straightforward like “Buy Now,” these prompts lead your audience to take an intended action.

Take CU’s home page CTAs for example. Our CTAs include:

– Get your words flowing

– Explore Services

– Take Me There

– Browse More

– Learn More

– Connect With Us

– Get In Touch

It may seem like overkill with multiple CTAs, but remember, if you aren’t using your home page – and every page – on your site to ask people to inquire, place an order, or fill out a subscriber form, etc. — they won’t.


Headlines across your home page are like sparkling conversation starters that greet your visitors and invite them to stay a while. These snappy attention-grabbers set the stage for your content and act like mini value propositions – they tell readers what’s in it for them. But they’re more than that. They also address pain points, offering solutions and empathy. 

At the bottom of our home page (screenshot below!), we use a headline to not only capture attention but also use the copy that follows to establish ourselves as a brand that empathizes and delivers.

We do this by:

  • Addressing their concerns about how simple our process is (just 3 smooth steps) 
  • Making them feel taken care of (by giving them a quick breakdown of said process)
  • Offering an easy solution to get started (a free 20-minute call)

In our lightning-fast digital world, it’s no secret that busy readers scan, just like restaurant patrons browsing a wine list. Your headlines need to captivate, promising a satisfying experience ahead. Whether it’s a solution to a problem or an enticing journey, they should always create curiosity for reading what’s next.


One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs have is merely communicating all the different things they offer in an easy-to-understand way. To simplify things a bit, we like to start by finding that umbrella message – or a “through-line” if you will, that unifies your various products and services.

Take our own site, for example: 

On the Copy Uncorked home page, we have a small breakdown of our services using the overall message ‘Grow Your Business Like a Grapevine’, with a sub-header that summarizes the goal of our various packages — grow your business through the power of conversion copy.

Each one of the offerings we introduce links directly to our Services Page, where prospects can take their time reading through the details and savoring the layers of what we have to offer, like a complex wine.

Our best tip for this section? Keep your copy skimmable. It’s meant to be an introduction, with the goal of leading them to a page with they can learn more.

By piquing interest in a few services you offer on your Home Page, you allow yourself to use the services page to filter out each offering into detailed categories so that our prospective clients are guided into a particular product or service, allowing them to click on the one best suited to their needs.


Remember how we mentioned your website acts as the litmus test for your prospects? Just as a wine label gives insight into its flavor profile, your website should reflect the authenticity of your brand’s promises across social media. This is where credibility elements come into play.

One effective way to establish credibility is by offering a free guide. Remember those captivating headlines we talked about earlier? Use them strategically to highlight said freebie. This not only adds value to your visitors but also positions you as an authority who’s willing to share valuable insights. Plus, your free guide offers a glimpse into what it’s like to work with or learn from you. 

But don’t worry, we’re not saying you need a bunch of freebies to convert a prospect! Another way to elevate your credibility is by displaying logos of brands you’ve worked with or powerful testimonials. Showcasing brands, especially well-known ones, you’ve collaborated with builds trust and rapport, assuring your prospects they’re in safe hands.

Your website is your brand’s digital home – it’s where you pour your heart and soul to entice visitors and make a lasting impact. By integrating these five copywriting essentials, your website becomes the inviting front door that captures attention and converts curious lookers into excited customers. Think of it as crafting the perfect wine – it’s an art that combines elements to create an unforgettable experience.

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