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Crafting a Compelling About Page

August 12, 2020

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




Crafting your About Page is hands down, one of the more intimidating aspects of website copywriting, and it’s often one of the most visited pages on your site!

Take it from us, our About Page is always in our top 3 most trafficked pages according to our Google Analytics.

And for a good reason! People want to know WHO they’re learning from and potentially working with. They want to establish a connection and relate to the person behind the screen.

With that said, your About page can help you build a strong brand and set you up as the go-to expert in your field by setting yourself apart from others in your industry.

The secret to crafting the perfect About page is showing WHY the reader should hire you from the lens of what’s relevant to them, your target audience. By showing empathy for your visitors and communicating their wants and needs, you’re setting yourself apart from your competitors and providing them with VALUE they won’t find elsewhere.


So what’s the value you offer?

We’d even go as far as saying an About page can be the difference between booking a good client and a great client.

I wish I were kidding. It’s vital in attracting and gaining your ideal audience and turning those clicks into conversions. A “great client” looks different for everyone, which is why it’s so important to hone in on who that person is for you and talk directly to them.

Now, by capturing your reader’s attention with your site copy, it’s only natural a potential client will want to learn more about you. The About page is your chance to connect with your ideal client, keep them intrigued, and show them why you are, without a doubt, the best person to get the job done.

Now keep in mind, as much as we encourage you to share your strengths and achievements, your About page shouldn’t come across as a straight-up salesy elevator pitch.

This is your chance to relate and connect with your reader and speak to their desires and pain points, and in turn, attract the audience you want for your brand. The About page is the perfect place to add your backstory, your why, and a few fun facts or personality-infused components to target your ideal client.

As much as it should include customer-driven language, your About page should also serve as a marketing tool that educates your audience on why you’re the right brand/business.

Trust us, they WANT you to tell them why you’re the best person (or brand) for the job. Don’t leave them wondering, and then jumping on board with someone else who was less shy in sharing WHY you should work with them!

With that said, let’s dive right in and learn how to craft a compelling and conversion-worthy About page.


How to Create the Most Compelling About Page

A Section-by-Section Guide

Be sure to incorporate these key components when crafting your About page.

1. Start with a clear headline or value proposition, which includes what you offer, who you’re addressing, and the outcome. It should be more descriptive and intriguing than “About Us” or “About Me” or the dreaded “About Page.”

Here is a couple of examples below:

Our creative doesn’t just CONNECT with your customer, it CONVERTS.

– Finn & Gray Studio, Brand & Web Design Studio

Helping your business look good and bring home the goods too

– One6Creative, Brand & Web Design Studio


2. Next, tell your readers your story

This can include “This is who I was, and this is how I got here.” It can be an aspirational story of how you understand the reader, what’s important to them, and how you can provide them with the outcome they’re searching for. Paint a picture of their desires and pain points and how you’re going to fix it.

We love how Elizabeth Rider and Abigail Dyer Design Studio did it in theirs!

It’s worth noting, we encourage you to avoid 3rd person language and rambling text that tells your full resume and entire life story. Your About page story should be clear, concise, and to the point. Additionally, providing an abundance of fun facts and personality-fueled copy and calling it “positioning” may achieve the opposite of your intended purpose to connect with your ideal client by creating confusion and having the reader question how this applies to them.


3. What is your Differentiator?

After adding in your story, sprinkle in some of the things that make you / your business different..

How do you stand out from your competitors, either logically and/or emotionally? (You’re the most affordable; you share the same beliefs; you have a super outgoing personality or a really fast delivery time; all of your products are sustainably made by local artisans; you give back; etc.).  

Again; provide your value and show WHY you are the best person for the job by expressing the things you know your ideal customer cares about.

Demonstrate that you’re a competent professional able to deliver the solution they need, and you have the confidence and the authority to prove it, which ultimately results in their transformation.


4. Core Offerings and Resources

At the end of your About page, remind your readers of your products and services or present ways to start learning right away. You can include results to further establish credibility, share a free resource, a popular video, or links to your blog to drive your offerings home in their eyes.


5. The Call-to-Action

In our opinion, this is the most essential element of your About page..and every page of your website! You need to tell your reader where to go from here. Remember, now that they know the what and the who, they will likely be looking for the HOW.

So provide a call-to-action button at the end of the page to direct your readers to your services and/or products.


Although the About page can come across as overwhelming, don’t be afraid to write out a few drafts until you get it right. This will allow you to see which options stick out and make the most significant impact. When writing for ourselves or our clients, we usually write out a handful of different options and assess which components sound the most natural and “sticky”.

If you’re feeling stuck, we also highly advocate for reviewing what your customers or past clients are saying about your brand. We bet you’ll find a ton of insight in their words, which you can, in turn, use to craft the most compelling About page and copy for your site.

Check out our post on Surveying and customer research to learn more about this and better understand your target audience’s wants and needs. This will only help you to further improve your product offerings and level of service.



To learn more about crafting the perfect About page, keep a close eye out for the next cohort of The Copy House™, which offers a done-with-you approach to website copywriting.

You’ll be guided through each page and section of your website with regard to research, clear messaging, user experience, copywriting best practices, connecting with your audience, and of course, conversion.

Get on the waitlist here



Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Lastly, if you need any additional help with your About page, check out our services and then get in touch here.





Crafting a Compelling About Page -

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  1. […] You can also check out our tips + framework for writing your About page here, or head to this popular Home page formula we shared via […]

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