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The Monthly Recap: October 2019

November 5, 2019

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




Sometimes I wish I had some sort of extension that tracked literally every word that I write.

I’m super curious to know how many words were written in October. Because it feels like a lottt.

I learned quite a few valuable lessons this month about not overbooking myself, creating more margin, and knowing how to better balance my own needs with those of my clients.

More on those revelations and the rest of October at-a-glance, below.

Latest Content & Offerings

Published Blog Posts


I also shared my full office reveal on my personal blog at!

Although, I’m starting to think that I may need a new desk because my current one will not stop squeaking. It drives my husband crazy and I’m starting to worry that my clients can hear it in calls. I otherwise love the desk but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it stop squeaking! Le sigh – total side note.

Otherwise, October was a bit lighter on blog posts, prompting a collaborative effort with the CU Project Manager (Kelsey) to plan out a blog calendar for the next quarter. I’m looking forward to more consistency and delivering additional value for our readers like you by doing so!

The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -

The Monthly Recap: September 2019 -

Video / #CUat5

I published 1 IGTV video on the PASTOR copywriting framework by Ray Edwards.

It’s been a bit more time consuming and challenging than anticipated to get a video up each week so I’m considering making #CUat5 a 1x/month thing and potentially moving the date to Wednesday at 5pm.


Other Content / Brand Updates

01 – A lot of my content creation efforts this past month were focused on updating the CU Services page to refine and clarify our packages a bit more.

I think services pages are always a bit of trial & error so I’m curious to see how these changes cause it to perform over the next few months!

But personally, I’m pretty happy with it and love the “Just a Glass”, “Half-Bottle”, and “Full Bottle” line-up! 🙂 Check them out here.

02 – Additionally, we created and executed a new Client Welcome Guide for all 1×1 projects to assist with a “smoother than Pinot” onboarding experience. If you want to learn more about client onboarding, check out this blog post. (I still need to add in details about the CU Client Welcome Guide!) 

The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -

03 – I have no idea why but I felt a bit moodier this month. Perhaps because I had quite the full load and made the mistake of not creating enough margin for myself? Deff guilty. Because of that, I shared a few mindset related posts on Instagram like:


04 – We celebrated our 3rd business birthday with a giveaway, won by Taylor of @hayandcodesign! She received our Social Media Caption Kickstarters Guide, 2 bottles of clean-crafted wine, and a Website Copy Review happening later this month!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway and celebrated with us.

The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -

05 – I created this Fall mood board to inspire the feeling and brand voice I want to create this season.

The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -

Education, Exploration & Community


I enrolled in a course led by Sage Polaris that I’m super excited about completing. From the get-go of her webinar, she shared so many great productivity hacks that have already been making my life easier.

For example, using the voice recording feature within Google Docs. Believe it or not, I’ve actually spoken half of this blog post!

So far, I’ve only completed one module but I’m excited to share more about what I am learning inside of this program.


Joy Field Trips

I talked a lot about needing to get out of the house more, and after hearing Ingrid Fettel Lee call them “joy field trips” I decided that’s how I’m going to refer to them, too.

I actually made it to a local coffee shop at least 1x per week. It definitely made a big difference in my energy…except for the day this one girl pretty much cleared out the place after speaking so loudly on conference calls all day… #whatnottodo



There were no major client launches to speak of this past month but that just means there’s lots in the works!

We’ve had the honor of working on:

  • the brand overhaul for Elanaloo
  • a new site for Foulsham Corp (husband of past CU client, Colleen of Vintage Charm Event Design)
  • a copy rewrite for Pilates instructor + personal development coach Melissa Trelfa
  • a launch email sequence for Tonic Site Shop
  • messaging for the popular athletic apparel brand Cleo Harper
  • messaging for a new children’s clothing brand
  • messaging for a talented graphic designer
  • …and so much more…


Keep your eyes peeled for each reveal in due time!


Learning Moments

Like I’ve already shared in some detail, for some reason my energy and overall mindset wavered back and forth this month.

There’s been a ton going on in & outside of my business, but I think it was definitely caused by a bit of imbalance. Largely due to getting up in the mornings, pouring a cup of coffee, heading straight to my computer, then working pretty much until dinner time. I kind of cringe even writing that.

I think some of that is to be expected when you’re growing a business and passionate about what you do. But it was also a lesson in understanding that my best work – and more importantly, my happiness – comes from a place of overflow.

Not from draining my glass. I know this is a quite overused analogy, but it just feels fitting.

The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -


November Goals

So that takes us right into goals for October. I’m trying to not be overly ambitious in just adding just more “to dos” to my calendar. Instead, I’m trying to first work on adding more consciousness, mindfulness, and intention to my days.

I think that simple awareness will create more of a desire to carry out the routines and behaviors that add enjoyment, fun, and freedom to my day – without more undue pressure.

One of which is continuing to make time for my own content creation & creative projects.

{A little secret for those of you who read way down here: the website copy mini-course is still in the works and slated to launch before the end of the year!}

All in all, October was a very successful month that led to a 2-month waitlist and the start of 2020 bookings.

I’m grateful as ever for each business owner that reaches out and expresses working together, as well as the ones we end up getting to work so closely with. So, thank you.


Around the CU Office: Things I’m Loving Lately

  • All the fall styles – sweater dresses, fur combat boots, animal print, you name it!
  • An Amaretto Sour cocktail (I just make mine with Disaronno, lemon juice, and a splash of simple syrup!)


I hope you had a great October in your own business! Drop a comment below to share your thoughts and what’s new with you!

And as much as I love Christmas, I’ll be over here taking November day by day…


The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -

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