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Why Do People Hire Copywriters?

May 18, 2023

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




No, really: Why do people hire copywriters? Why would a sensible person hire someone else to write for them – especially if they even like (and aren’t too shabby!) at writing for themselves?

For one, ‘writing’ can actually be a small part of “copywriting” & all that actually goes into it.

Here are a few of our reasons why it makes sense to hire a copywriter (even for our fellow word lovers).


We’ve worked within a lot of business owners, in a lot of different industries. So our knowledge bank runs deep. Our experience uniquely equips us to take stock of your current strategies and discuss what’s working and what’s ready for a new/different approach. After diagnosing and aligning with your goals, we’re able to craft strategies that help you overcome any messaging-related obstacles so you can clearly and effectively communicate what makes you you.


Sure, we leverage templates, formulas, and best practices –– but when it comes to copy, flexing our creative muscles is a constant. We hear from clients all the time who struggle to explain something within their business. Through creative thinking, we solve those problems so you don’t have to stress about communicating your rates, sharing your process, or describing your services any longer.

Whatever your word struggles may be, we’re not afraid to get clever and color outside the lines to make your message clear & true to you.


A depth of knowledge about your industry and close competitors is essential to ensure we set you apart from the rest. We also spend time studying any aligned brands, regardless of the industry. They often serve as inspiration for your copy vibe and style.


We study your testimonials, reviews, and sometimes even interview people you’ve worked with –– because what your customers say about you is just as important as what you say about yourself. Pro tip: some of our best headlines were inspired by something our client’s customers said!


Yes, we’re writers. But we’re more accurately assemblers. We interpret your vision, point of view, and expertise, then translate it for your customer’s eyes. We spend hours selecting, organizing, and shaping themes so that when your audience reads your copy, they’re compelled to take action.


Tone, style, and flow are all considered when honing your brand voice. We equip you with words, phrases, and statements you can come back to – so whether you’re writing or speaking about your biz, you know the language you’re using is on brand and on message.

07. WIELDING TOOLS LIKE AI (That Innately Lack Soul)

As copywriter friend Chanti Zak pointed out: When prompted, even ChatGPT will tell you it lacks human elements like empathy and intuition. But we can absolutely take advantage of its efficiency, off-the-cuff ideas, and creative hooks, and then filter them through a human lens, adjusting the voice and adding soul. We haven’t used AI much in our work up to this point, but we’re learning how to appropriately work it into our processes.

Notice how we didn’t even mention ‘writing’? Or ‘wordsmithing’…or refer to ourselves as ‘word-slingers’? Sure, we inevitably do that, too. It has to sound good, of course! But by now, you can see how much goes into the final draft—so it can go to work for your business.

And as you can imagine, this all takes time. A lot of it. (Especially if you try to do it all yourself.) Over the years, we’ve developed a refined process – loving referred to as The CU Way — that allows us to work efficiently and accurately. We’re able to deliver a draft in as little as a day – or within a few weeks of deep work via our Essential, Signature, and Premier packages.

Our goal is to equip you with the sound messaging and sustainable draft you need to focus on growing your business, rather than endlessly tweaking your copy to see what sticks.

Hiring a copywriter is a wise choice when you’re clear on your vision and offerings, and are looking for a brand partner to help you maximize traffic, engage your audience, and ultimately, increase conversions.

You know where to find us when you’re ready! 💫

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