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Discover sound tactics in conversion copywriting, content marketing & brand strategy for growing your business like a grapevine. Grab a glass and destress, this is copywriting...uncorked.

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Discover why and how we went from kvh. creative to Copy Uncorked, along with 6 of the biggest things we learned from the rebranding process.

Behind the Screens of the Rebrand

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Part 2 of Creating a Client Experience mini-series is in! If you need to catch up on Part 1, which covers pricing your services, head over to it right here. [Note: This series is best for online, service-based entrepreneurs.] So you’ve gone live with a website you love, you received a new client inquiry (go […]

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Should you or shouldn’t you list your prices on your website? Lately, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from clients and other creatives about creating systems, automations, and whether or not to include things like pricing on their websites. So today, I’m going to share everything I know about it thus far! When working through […]


I’ve always been big into personal development and believed in the power of goal-setting. Not to mention, there’s really nothing more satisfying than reflecting on your year and realizing you accomplished most of what you set out to do (even if you forgot to look back on your goals a few months in). I’m no […]


When I tell people I’m a copywriter, I can often see the word go right up and over their heads. I can sense that their ears turn off and everything that comes out of my mouth next is completely lost in translation. Kind of like when you hear something in fast forward and it sounds […]


I’ve never wanted to lead with talking about social media in my business, despite the fact that social media is so important! The reason is that a great social media strategy can’t fix a bad or poorly communicated business. I’ve always felt it was most important to start at the root – with a client’s […]


This past week while traveling to Austin, I managed to read all of Donald Miller’s latest book, Building a StoryBrand, in about two sittings. I’ve been a huoooge fan of his podcast for some time and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book – hoping it would live up to the great content […]

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While wrapping up a client’s website install & customization project this month, he’d asked for a video tutorial on a few things. A sensible request, right? Well, in the past, it’s always felt like more of a headache to try and download some software, record the video with so-so quality, save the content to my […]


This week I’m shedding light on start-up solutions for your small business. These 4 tools have made a big difference in my business, and I’m willing to bet they’ll do the same for you. I credit them for keeping things running swift & smooth ’round the HQ. Dare I say it, I wouldn’t have a […]


I was recently talking to a friend about growing and sharing her health + wellness business through email marketing, and it spawned the idea to go ahead and write a full post on the topic! Mainly to help define what it is, why you need to build a list, and how to make this whole […]


Imagine for a second what it would actually be like to be carried “wherever the wind blows”. …Are you imagining?… If you’re the über carefree, spontaneous type, you may love it. Free travel! New adventures! One with nature! If you’re the planner, type-A, more controlling type, you may just think that’s a stupid, unrealistic cliché. Whichever side of […]

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