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Discover sound tactics in conversion copywriting, content marketing & brand strategy for growing your business like a grapevine. Grab a glass and destress, this is copywriting...uncorked.

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Your website is one of the best and least expensive branding and marketing channels you could have for your business. Within a mere 5-8 seconds, it can either draw your visitors in or have them clicking right off and over to a brand other than yours. And who wants that..?! So how do you get […]


What Is An Email Welcome Sequence & Do You Need One? -

There are terms within the marketing world that tend to sound rather elusive, and I’d argue “email welcome sequence” is one of those terms.   Despite the fact that if you really break it down, it’s pretty self-explanatory.   An email welcome sequence is a string of emails that get ‘dripped’ out to your list […]


The Monthly Recap: December 2019 (Plus 2019 in Review & 2020 Goals) -

I think I’ve underestimated just about every year of my life. There are always unanticipated surprises, whether positive or negative or both. I’ve set 5-year goals that have been accomplished in 1. I’ve imagined things I thought would happen within a year that happened in 4 months. I’ve thought about waiting for some things, and […]

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Flodesk + Zapier Integration is Here: Should You Make the Switch? -

OUR OVERVIEW OF EARLY ACCESS After months of patiently waiting, I saw an email hit my inbox the other day that had me practically jumping out of my seat. Leave it to being a business owner to have an update about an email marketing provider that literally makes your day. You’ve most likely heard the […]


The Monthly Recap: November 2019 -

Another month in the books, another recap! Writing these posts is part of our process of savoring what was poured out over the past month, sharing the ‘tasting notes’, and acknowledging all that’s been uncorked. So here’s the flavor profile of November 2019…   Latest Content & Offerings Published Blog Posts The Monthly Recap: October […]


The Monthly Recap: October 2019 -

Sometimes I wish I had some sort of extension that tracked literally every word that I write. I’m super curious to know how many words were written in October. Because it feels like a lottt. I learned quite a few valuable lessons this month about not overbooking myself, creating more margin, and knowing how to […]


The Monthly Recap: September 2019 -

After a July and August of travel and community, it was a September of birthdays and getting down to business! I’ve never been someone who’s looked forward to fall, but this year I found myself craving cooler temps, and the all-around cozy feeling this time of year brings. Let’s recap!   >> Catch up on […]


How to Build a Brand on Any Budget -

  The Four Building Blocks of a Great Brand for the Budget Start-up and the Brand Ready for Serious Growth   I often get asked by clients, friends, and those within the Copy Uncorked community what the best way to build a brand is. Until now, I haven’t had a central place to refer people […]


In the blink of an eye, summer is (unofficially) over. I’m glad I’ve done these recaps the past 3 months because they’re proving to be a great source of reflection since I spend a lot of my day head down and planning ahead. Here goes…   >> Catch up on July’s recap here. <<   […]

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List-Building Magic: Drive Results with a Quiz (+ a Free Copy Template!) - Copy Uncorked -

In the world of opt-ins, free PDFs, video trainings, and webinars, there’s something just so refreshing about a Buzz-feed style quiz – (less clickbaity, of course.) Being a copywriter, pretty much everything I write has elements of strategy built into it, and writing a quiz is certainly no different. However, it was a fun way […]

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