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Discover sound tactics in conversion copywriting, content marketing & brand strategy for growing your business like a grapevine. Grab a glass and destress, this is copywriting...uncorked.

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Copy Uncorked Free Resource - Our "Course Outline & Script Template" -

Our first-ever course / group program launch is officially IN THE BOOKS! Along with the celebratory toasts (and much-needed naps!), in true CU fashion, we’re recapping our course creation and launch experience in hopes you can learn from it, too.   The Lead-Up First of all, creating The Copy House™ started OVER a year ago. […]


Surveying: How This Customer Research Strategy Will Help You to Build Trust and Strengthen Your Copy -

Customer research is the foundation of every business and crucial for growth in all aspects of your brand – from developing your offerings, crafting your copy, creating educational products, and of course, enhancing the experience you create for your clients/customers. Not only does customer research build trust in your brand and create a loyal community, […]


The Monthly Moving! Where to Find It Moving Forward -

Okay, okay, so we’re pretty transparent around here about what’s working, what’s not, and what needs just a little tweak to make it that much better. As we’ve alluded to in our weekly Weekend Wine & Words emails (reserved for those inside of the Copy Cru), we are a small team wearing a lot of […]


The Copywriter Club IRL 2020 Conference Recap -

AT THE GUILD HOTEL   |   SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA I’m currently sitting in the San Diego airport (and now on the plane) fleshing out this post while everything is still fresh in my mind. If I had to sum it up TCC IRL 2020 in one sentence, I’d simply say: The past 4 days have been […]


Shop Female: International Women's Day Round-up -

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite products made by female founders. This day is obviously about so much more than just wearing a stylish tee with a catchy message. But there’s something about supporting other women-owned businesses and wearing eye-catching products that empower both yourself and those who […]


The Monthly Recap: February 2020 -

Go figure, January feels like a year and February feels like day. 2020 has already taken on a mind of its own but as the days have started getting longer, brighter, and warmer, my outlook has become more positive, too. Sweet spring, I can sense you coming! The last 2 weeks of February were great […]


The Monthly Recap - January 2020 -

January started off full steam ahead, which as an Enneagram type 3 probably comes as no surprise. I’m all New Year! Goals! Powersheets! Ambitionnnn! And then I find myself wishing I left time to nap. Jokes aside, it was an incredibly productive month and perhaps one with the most momentum I’ve seen so far. We […]


What You Need to Do Before Working With a Copywriter -

When branding your business, it can be tricky to know when to reach out to a copywriter (or designer or photographer). We get asked about it a lot, and it’s a totally fair question! Although we love working with business owners at all levels, some of our conversations stop at a brief consulting call. Why […]


Your website is one of the best and least expensive branding and marketing channels you could have for your business. Within a mere 5-8 seconds, it can either draw your visitors in or have them clicking right off and over to a brand other than yours. And who wants that..?! So how do you get […]


What Is An Email Welcome Sequence & Do You Need One? -

There are terms within the marketing world that tend to sound rather elusive, and I’d argue “email welcome sequence” is one of those terms.   Despite the fact that if you really break it down, it’s pretty self-explanatory.   An email welcome sequence is a string of emails that get ‘dripped’ out to your list […]

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