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Discover sound tactics in conversion copywriting, content marketing & brand strategy for growing your business like a grapevine. Grab a glass and destress, this is copywriting...uncorked.

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Working on Your Brand Voice? Start With Your Core Values—Here's How -

One of the best ways to determine your brand voice is to start with your core values—also known as guiding principles. You’ve likely heard the quote, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”, and I’d argue it’s true in branding, too. When your voice and messaging are tied to authentic and deeply […]


What is "Conversion Copywriting" & What "Research" is Really Involved? -

Spend much time in this online marketing world and there’s a somewhat perplexing term you’ll eventually hear. That term is “conversion copywriting”. Originally coined by the copy wizard, Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers, this form of copywriting is focused on getting readers to take the next best action. (Think sales.) Whether you’re a fellow copywriter, current […]


2020: CU’s Year in Review -

There’s a lot of research about the effect that gratitude has on happiness, and I’d argue, the same goes for reflection. This is why despite the rollercoaster of a year that was 2020 (to put it lightly), when we reflect back on it, we’re still able to find the light. Reflection is also that bit […]


Website Copywriting Lessons from the Stationary Bike That's Making Headlines -

After a full day of writing email copy for a client, I took a late afternoon break to get in a quick workout on our relatively new Peloton. I’m just under 10 rides in, so I’m still getting in a groove with it, but truthfully, that’s 9 more workouts than I did in all of […]


2020 CU Holiday Gift Guide -

  The holidays are upon us so we’re taking full advantage of highlighting our clients and spreading the Christmas cheer with a big, curated list of gift ideas! (Including a few gifts / business investments for yourself perhaps?) It’s quite the different take on a CU blog post, but basically, we’re taking this month’s installment […]


Why Clarity is Key: 5 Things Every Website Needs to See Results -

Have you ever clicked on a seemingly beautiful website, read through the copy, and found yourself deep in a maze of pages, only getting more confused by the minute? After quickly ‘X’ing’ out,  you’re left thinking what exactly is this person offering, and why should I be interested? Or maybe you’re even thinking, “But wait, […]


How to Choose the Most Effective Brand Name For Your Business -

Choosing a brand name is often one of the most daunting tasks in developing your brand-building strategy. Without a catchy and sticky name, how can your company attract your ideal audience’s attention (and adoration)? With the right name, you’ll have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors, develop a rapport with your target audience to […]


Crafting a Compelling About Page -

Crafting your About Page is hands down, one of the more intimidating aspects of website copywriting, and it’s often one of the most visited pages on your site! Take it from us, our About Page is always in our top 3 most trafficked pages according to our Google Analytics. And for a good reason! People […]


Copy Uncorked Free Resource - Our "Course Outline & Script Template" -

Our first-ever course / group program launch is officially IN THE BOOKS! Along with the celebratory toasts (and much-needed naps!), in true CU fashion, we’re recapping our course creation and launch experience in hopes you can learn from it, too.   The Lead-Up First of all, creating The Copy House™ started OVER a year ago. […]


Surveying: How This Customer Research Strategy Will Help You to Build Trust and Strengthen Your Copy -

Customer research is the foundation of every business and crucial for growth in all aspects of your brand – from developing your offerings, crafting your copy, creating educational products, and of course, enhancing the experience you create for your clients/customers. Not only does customer research build trust in your brand and create a loyal community, […]

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