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The Monthly Recap: November 2019

December 3, 2019

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




Another month in the books, another recap! Writing these posts is part of our process of savoring what was poured out over the past month, sharing the ‘tasting notes’, and acknowledging all that’s been uncorked.

So here’s the flavor profile of November 2019…


Latest Content & Offerings

Published Blog Posts




New to the Shop


Fresh Email Series

  • We launched a new series for the Copy Cru and sent out four Weekend Wine & Words emails. Meant to help you segue from work to weekend mode, these have been fun and light-hearted to put together. (Join in at the link above or below!)


Weekend Wine & Words - via The Monthly Recap: November 2019 -


Launch + Sales Insights

From Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shop Sale

Despite it being a success and hitting my goals for 3 out of the 4 offerings, there’s always lessons and insights to glean from a launch or sale of any kind.

  • I wish I had added a banner to the website earlier on both the Home page and the Shop page to capture additional website traffic.


  • I also wonder if I should have played with Facebook ads a bit more. But since I didn’t have a ton of offerings in the Shop at this point, two of which are still mini-services, I wanted to potentially save that ad budget for when I’m able to fully take advantage of that additional traffic (versus having limited spots available for 2 of the items.


  • I also wish I had planned my email sequence in advance. I ended up essentially writing each email the week of the sale and even finishing up the design on some of them right before they went out. I feel like I’m almost committing a crime saying that as a copywriter. But, it happens! I was 50/50 on whether to do a sale and then the CU Project Manager and I decided to go for it.


  • I took a more story-driven approach to each of the emails I sent out which I really enjoyed and think my audience did, too – there was good click through and low unsubscriber rates!


  • I could have done an IG Live or an IG Story video to connect with our audience a bit more and potentially boost sales through that medium. However, I really was busy hanging with family over the weekend, so I relied on my email list to do the heavy lifting.


The Monthly Recap: November 2019 -

My future goals for the Shop are to keep the offers fresh. I want to continue adding new products and potentially even drop a new product each month. It mayyyy be a lofty goal with some of our other content creation efforts but that’s what’s been on my radar!

If you did a launch or sale this past month, how did it go? What worked? What would you do differently next time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Learning Moments

Overall, November was a pretty incredible month. I felt the sweet anticipation of the end of a year, the approaching holiday season, and a new decade on the horizon.

It was a month of working with great, involved clients who were ready to dig deeper, collaborate, and strategize to accomplish the big goals they’ve set for themselves.

I found myself getting lost in that coveted feeling of “flow” often, despite trying to manage all the other moving parts of running a business.

I also started to feel & experience the necessity of following your intuition as a business owner.

Sometimes there are tasks that we want to get done or maybe we arbitrarily wrote them in our planner, but it just doesn’t make sense to complete it at the moment that we may have originally intended.

I saw a post on Erin Loechner’s Instagram that mentioned the question:

“Is this a good time?”⁠

As in: Is this a good time to…email that client? To trudge through a big deliverable when I’m lacking creativity or feeling stagnant?

Is this a good time to…scroll through Instagram? Or stay focused?

Is this a good time to…follow-up? To forge a new commitment? Or steward my existing ones?

It’s meant to serve as a gentle pause, a moment to reflect on our own feelings, and also of great importance – those around us. 

It’s a bit of compassion and respect for other’s schedules, expectations, and needs.

I’m all for knocking out the little tasks like “Update link on website” or “ Send scheduling link to Alison” because they often take less than 1-2 minutes and we spend more time staring at the task and grumbling about it, when it literally could have been done already.

BUT, other than that, I’m practicing intuition and grace in knowing when it’s a good time to ___________.

The beauty of this entrepreneurship thing is we have the autonomy to artfully create out days, down to every little task & to do.

The Monthly Recap: November 2019 -

December Goals

Aside from our project load and trying to get clients launched before the end of the year &/or early January, I still have it on my goals to get our mini-course launched early 2020. Which means a lot of focused content creation in December.

It’s something that I haven’t wanted to rush, as mentioned before, and have thoroughly been considering the approach, how it will differ from what’s already on the market, and what I ultimately want it to be.

Creating a course can be a lot of work and an investment of both time & money, so I want to make sure that it’s not something that I’m doing because I feel like I have to or just simply want to but that I’m really pursuing an opportunity to fulfill a real problem and need for people.

Other than that, I’ll be fully getting into the Christmas spirit, seeking joy, and remaining in the posture of gratitude that November inspired.


Around the CU Office: Things I’m Loving Lately

I shared 2 gift guides of things I’ve been loving (or eyeing) on my personal blog that you can find here:

Bring on December!






The Monthly Recap: November 2019 -

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