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The 2021 CU Holiday Gift Guide

November 18, 2021

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Welcome! As the founder & lead copywriter of CU, I’m obsessed with seeing how words can light up a creative entrepreneur, breathe fire into their spirit, and revitalize the passion they have for their business. 




We’re so excited to bring back our annual gift guide (peep 2020’s here) and it’s a juicy one. And by juicy, I mean there’s a strong self-care and laid-back theme to it all, and I for one am here for it.

I’ll restrain my copywriter self from giving you all the reasons why most gift guides are blah and ours is the solution you’ve been looking for (ha), because – in this case – I know you’re just going to scroll right down to see the goods for yourself! I don’t blame you. ‘Tis the season…there’s no time to waste!

The disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links and would provide me with a small commission should you choose to purchase. A lot of them are not. ALL of them are genuinely (seriously!) loved.

Kaitlyn’s Picks

The 2021 CU Holiday Gift Guide -

(1) Off Hours Bourbon – Wait, not wine? I know, I know – but I just love their branding so I’ve been eyeing it forever. And what’s cozier than a warming whiskey drink on a cold winter night?

(2) Indwell Guide – I’ve shared this in an installment of Weekend Wine & Words before but it’s just so good – I literally want everyone to have one!

(3) Simple Self’s Self-Care Planner – Okay, I still love my Golden Coil and everything, but I’ve been trying to be more intentional about self-care, so I purchased one of these to try out and I’m really loving it so far. There’s a whole self-care roadmap at the beginning, and the daily pages have a combo of an hourly schedule, tasks, meals, exercise, and more to keep me straight!

(4) Jenni Kayne’s Pacific Natural at Home – Basically, my dream home style. I read it cover to cover and it will now live front & center on our coffee table.

(5) All-Day Boy Short Bundle by Lively – Sorry if this is weird or TMI but these are the most comfortable (and still super cute) boxer-style underwear to lounge in ever, so you’re welcome.

(6) Minimalist Beauty Stick – This little thing is practically magic and perfect for a pre-Zoom call glow-up. I love it and all things Merit.

(7) Body Wash – Once you go Necessaire for your body products, it’s very, very hard to go back to anything else. Every time I buy it I’m mad at myself for spending that much on body wash and lotion, but alas, I just love the way it smells and feels on my skin.

(8) Oak Essentials – Did I mention I’m obsessed with all things Jenni Kayne? So the fact that the brand just came out with a skincare line is just next level and all the more temptation for my wallet. However, this line has received rave reviews and I can’t wait to try it all – starting with the cleansing balm and balancing mist.

(9) Play Day Socks – If you’re a tennis enthusiast (read: amateur) like I am, you’ll love these sport socks as much as I do. It’s the little joys, ya know?

(10) Chick Framed Print – I just love the style of this boss-looking print from one of my favorite online businesses.

Team Picks

The 2021 CU Holiday Gift Guide -

I asked some of our team members to share their wish list or gift ideas and wow, did they deliver. My wish list just became longer…


(1) UIIO Wine Purifier & Decanter – It takes all the sulfites out of your wine (the thing that gives you a headache/hangover) and aerates it too, depending on if you are drinking red or white. The filter has a few different decanter options, or you can buy the filter separately and use it to pour directly into your glass! GAME CHANGER! I have one and it’s literally worth every penny.

(2) Spill-Proof Commuter Cup – This is on my personal Christmas list! It’s got a 360-degree lid so you can drink from anywhere on the rim and it’s spillproof! My son has a sippy cup that is just like this and it is the bomb! I keep getting all kinds of ads about it on Instagram and it suckered me in.


(1) Jet Lag Mask – I’ve been eyeing for a while – has anyone tried?!

(2) Rose Gold Record Player – I mean…so pretty!

(3) Mug Warmer – Because I’m a brat and I can’t stand cold coffee/tea!


(1) Fridays from the Garden Cookbook – Currently topping my wish list (Editor’s Note: Everything Rachel makes and posts on Instagram looks *amazing* so I for one can’t wait to see what she whips up from this book!)

(2) Letterpress Print – It’s talking about design, but the same sentiments apply to copy too!

(3) Fable Dog Crate – Literally, the dog crate of my dreams.

If you can’t tell, we basically like coffee, wine, our pets, good music, and great food around here…

From Our Clients & Friends

The 2021 CU Holiday Gift Guide -

(1) Few Made Jewelry – You really can’t go wrong, but we’re partial to anything from the Casual Minimalist or Bold & Gold categories! We’ve adored working with this brand and its talented, warm, beautiful, and charming founder, Kena Treadway.

(2) Food You Want Cookbook – This cookbook is everything you’d want a good cookbook to be – healthy but indulgent, simple but leaves you looking like a chef, flexible so you can flub it a little without ruining it, and just gorgeous to flip through. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on with the author & founder of The Flexible Chef, Nealy Fischer – so this will have to do in the meantime!

(3) Elanaloo Presets – Adobe Lightroom presets are a hard thing to get right. I’d know because I’ve spent *a lot* of money on ones that never seemed to turn out on a single image. Not Elana’s. They work with just about a single click on tons of my images while giving it that irresistible film-like, grainy, warm, nostalgic yet modern vibe you can’t help but be drawn to.

(4) Tonic Site Shop – The best of the best Showit website templates are back at their highest-ever discount of 20% off plus tons of bonuses. Don’t miss your shot to grab a stunning template and give your website the design it deserves. Save 20% over the holidays with code: COPYUNCORKED

Around CU

(1) Vine to Voice – Our signature brand voice & messaging course will be open for enrollment from 11/22 to 12/2 at a $150 discount!

(2) The CU Shop – Also from 11/22 to 12/2, you can save 20% on all 4 templates & guides within the CU Shop. You’ll be able to knock more than a few major tasks off your to-do list—with way less effort than starting from scratch!

Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Kaitlyn

The 2021 CU Holiday Gift Guide -

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